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Current version: Satmaster Pro Mk9.2f
Satmaster Pro is a generic tool for satellite link budget calculation, antenna aiming, dual feed spacing and sun outage prediction for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Recent ITU-R atmospheric models auto-calculate path specific losses for rain & cloud attenuation, atmospheric absorption and tropospheric scintillation. There are quick bandwidth selectors for DVBS, DVBS2-X, and NS3 modcods plus a selector for entering either C/I or Csat/Io inputs for interference allowances. Before ordering, please download and evaluate the demo version to check it meets your requirements.

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Registered users of earlier integer versions may upgrade to the Mk9.x series by ordering Satmaster Pro Mk9.x Upgrade at about 60% discount.

The software is regularly maintained and improved. Any bugs identified are normally fixed and uploaded within 24 to 48 hours so it is recommended registered users of the 9.x series update to the current build by submitting this short series update claim form. No additional cost is involved and download instructions are emailed as soon as entitlement is validated.

Satellite Data File (satlist.geo)

Updated January 11th 2016
This is an updated satlist.geo file for use with Satmaster Pro and discontinued products. This file can also be user modified using the inbuilt editor (except demo versions). Download and unzip 'satlist.geo' to the main application directory overwriting the old file of the same name.

Download satlist.zip