Installation FAQ

Data Execution Protection (DEP) in Releases Earlier Than Mk8.2
If you have obscure error messages when launching older versions of Satmaster Pro, you may find DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is enabled by default for ALL programs. If this is the case, add Satmaster to the list of excepted programs. Satmaster Pro Mk8.2 and QuickAim Mk4.2 (or later) are unaffected and are DEP compatible. An alternative solution is to select the option 'Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only'.
Trouble with Norton (Symantec) Anti-virus Scareware (WS.Reputation.1)
Executable files from independent developers are often knobbled by this troublesome feature triggering a false positive. It occurs when an executable file does not have enough, so called, 'reputation' from the 'wisdom of crowds' to pass Norton's filters.

In effect, every new release file will fail this test. What is worse, files are placed in quarantine or deleted without so much as a message to the user. Find more information about this poorly implemented feature, including instructions on how to bypass it at:

If not convinced, uploading the install file to: (subsidiary of Google), should allay fears by scanning the file with over 50 antivirus engines.